In august 2018 we took over the treatment of the cleft children in the PATNA CLEFT CENTER.

Patna is the capital of the state of Bihar, in the north of India, one of the poorest federal states. An estimated 70% of the population lives below the poverty line. Since many children with facial deformities are also born in this region, a cleft centre was founded there in 2008 at the Rajeswar Hospital with the help of the Deutsche Cleft Kinderhilfe, DCKH. Since the beginning, Dr. Uma Shankar, a experienced facial and maxillofacial surgeon well known in Patna, is head of the project and head surgeon. He is fully committed to this centre and a reliable partner of the DCKH. Since its foundation in 2008, more than 2400 children with a cleft lip and palate have been operated on at this centre! Speech therapy and orthodontics are also included in the treatment, ENT care is currently not fully integrated. As in other big cities, most of the cleft children come from the slums of the city and from the surrounding, often very backward, country.

As in the former centres, we cover all costs for the treatment of children in need, surgery, transport to the hospital and back, if necessary also all accompanying treatments such as orthodontics and speech therapy. The so-called “field work”, the education of the rural population and the registration of all affected children, is an important part of the team’s work and belongs to every centre. Subsequently, each child is accompanied to the operation by a relative, who has the task of taking care of the patient during the entire hospital stay until the journey home, as the hospitals have hardly any nursing staff.