The Schweizer Hilfe für Spaltkinder (SHfS) is a non-profit, humanitarian society with the purpose to help children affected by cleft lip and palate malformation in developing countries. We make every effort to support cleft children with the best and most comprehensive treatment possible so that they are socially integrated, go to school and lead a normal, carefree life.
Together with the likewise non-profit society Deutsche Cleft-Kinder-Hilfe e.V. (German Cleft-Children’s Aid Society) with headquarters in Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany, with which we are associated, we set up treatment centers in which we

  • take over the medical costs of the needy patients
  • help with educational projects to inform the people
  • train native doctors and medical personnel, to enable them building up centers for cleft patients of high standard
  • if necessary equip the corresponding hospitals with material and apparatus

In all projects we pursue sustainability, we promote the development of cleft centers and aid measures, which will be managed exclusively by native teams sooner or later and possibly financed in the country itself.

Picture left to right: Mr. Arvin Singh, social worker, unknown, Dr. Uma Shankar, surgeon, Dr. Priya Ranjan, anesthesist